The Emerald Atlas

The Emerald Atlas

The Emerald Atals

There are serveral things in The Emerald Atlas that remind me of other books…3 kids, an orphanage,  sassy dwarves, a town of missing children, magic books, good friends, a mysterious old man with bushy white hair and eyebrows (a wizard?) and a beautiful evil woman who wants DOMINION OVER ALL THE WORLD! But there is not too much of the familiar – there is just enough to make me say, “this is just the kind of book I like!”

Kate remembers the most about that long ago Christmas Eve when she and Michael and Emma were awakened in the dead of night and spirited away. Mostly, Kate remembers her mother saying goodbye, ‘There isn’t time to explain. Promise me you’ll look after them.” (page 1) And so Kate HAS looked after Michael and Emma and has held onto the belief that their parents will find them again, no matter how many orphanges and foster homes they live in.

Moved to yet another orphange, Kate and Michael and Emma are troubled to find that in this new place only the evidence of children is there. Beds. Toys. But no other children. And the orphanage itself is the largest house the children have ever seen…except for Kate…because the exact house has been in her dreams. When an afternoon exploring leads them down a dark hall with shifting walls and doors that seem to appear out of nowhere their real adventure begins, the adventure that has to do with a prophecy…and three children, three magic books and saving the world. Author: John Stephens

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