The Popularity Papers

The Popularity Papers

The Popularity Papers Book 2

Lydia and Julie think they have a solid plan for popularity and they shared it in their first book: The Popularity Papers: Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang In that book, the girls made it a project to study the popular girls in their elementary school so that they could understand what to do in middle school to be popular. What sports should they play? What color should their hair be? How should they talk? What shows should they watch?

Now, just before the first day of middle school, the girls find out the one thing that could wreck their carefully laid plan…one of them is moving! How can they conquer popularity alone in two different schools…in two different cities…in two different COUNTRIES! It is a popularity crisis of global proportion. Julie will be here and Lydia will be in London for 6 whole months.

Being uber-organized note takers the girls agree to work on their poplularity goals while apart. Julie starts school alone at Hannibal Hamlin Junior High. Her job is to study Della Dawn and the other “Bichons” –  a “club that everyone wants to be in but no one ever gets invited to join.” (page 32) By studying them Julie will figure out how to become a “Bichon”.

In London, Lydia figures out who the cool people are, Victoria and Paulina, but doesn’t really like them. Instead, she decides to befriend Delilah and Nabil. Her goal is to use she and Julie’s careful popularity research to teach THEM how to be popular. THEN, when Lydia returns to America in 5 months, she and Julie will know works and can use it together at Hannibal Hamlin to become wildly popular. Sound like a plan? They think so! Author: Amy Ignatow

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  1. To: goldstandard3000 jladybugaboo
    From: sukiethoms

    This is mainly to JUlIE but yeah. IS LYDIA’S DRAWINGS IN THE BOOK? You know what I mean right?


  2. To: goldstandard3000 jladybugaboo
    From: sukiethoms

    Lydia, Julie,

    Thats great! My aunt and I have been doing the walkathons for like 4 years already!


  3. To: sukiethoms goldstandard3000
    From: jladybugaboo

    Sukie, Lydia,

    Guess what? Amy Ignatow took our scrapbooks and made it into a book! And it is published worldwide!


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