SchooledCapricorn (Cap) Anderson has never, ever watched television.  He knows what a telephone is, but he doesn’t have one at home and has only talked on one a couple times.  He has never been in school.  Cap has spent his entire life on a farm commune with his grandma, and no one else.  When Cap’s grandma ends up in the hospital, he has no choice but to enroll in the local public middle school.

The only person happy to see Cap’s long hair, beads & sandals made out of corn husks is Hugh, the school oddball, who is more than happy to have Cap take his place as the official “wedgie receiver”.  Cap’s odd ways and disinterest in conforming catch the attention of the school bully, or “wedgie giver,” who chooses Cap as the year’s eighth grade president, an honor bestowed on the kid most likely to be made fun of all year.  Cap’s reaction to the bully’s pranks, and to the job of class president, takes everyone by surprise, especially the bully himself.  Long hair and beads never looked so good. Author: Gordon Korman

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  1. Staff Recommend: Daniell Wilkins Kaster, Lawrence Branch Library

    Capricorn Anderson debuts at “C Average” Middle School with long hair, beads and absolutely no clue. Raised by his grandmother on an alternative farm commune, Cap has never been to school, seen TV or eaten junk food. Zach Powers singles Cap out to be class president, a position reserved for the biggest freak in school, guaranteeing a miserable existence for Cap. When Cap responds by practicing tai chi in the school yard and meditating in front of his locker, the student’s taunts turn vicious. Will peace and love be enough to survive middle school?

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