The Sherlock Files #4: The Missing Heir

The Sherlock Files #4: The Missing Heir

The Missing HeirAs descendants of Sherlock Holmes, Xander and Xena Holmes are members of The Society for the Preservation of Famous Detectives (SPFD).  They have a Sherlock’s notebook of unsolved cases and are getting pretty experienced solving old crimes, and I mean old! The  book contains 100-year-old secrets. Are the mysteries too old to solve? Not for the descendents of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the worlds greatest detective.

In this fourth mystery the kids discover that their friend Alice is really a princess – like in Princess Diaries. She is going to be crowned on her 13th birthday, but before the coronation happens, Alice disappears! What’s really weird is that the same thing happened to Alice’s grandmother 100 years ago! Could the kidnappings be related? The casebook, old letters, blue prints, lying people…Xander and Xena will get to the bottom of it!  Author: Tracy Barrett Series: The Sherlock Files

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