The Books of Elsewhere #2: Spellbound

The Books of Elsewhere #2: Spellbound


In The Books of Elsewhere #1: Shadows, Olive Dunwoody moved into an old Victorian mansion that looked as if nothing had been moved since the day the previous owner died many years before. And it hadn’t! The furniture, the clocks, the mirrors, the paintings on the walls – all were exactly the way they were the moment the former owner died…as well as the clothes and personal items neatly folded in the drawers.

When Olive found an old fashioned pair of glasses that allowed her to “fall” right into the paintings and walk around, even talk to people, her big adventure began. But now something terrible has happened. Olive has lost the glasses and the ability to fall into the paintings. Her friend Morton is stuck inside one of the paintings and Olive has vowed to help find a way to get him out. When she discovers an old grimoire, or spellbook, Olive is sure it holds the answer to traveling around the paintings without glasses (or the help of the talking cats: Harvey, Leopold & Horatio that came with the house and guard its many secrets).

The spellbook is powerful, more powerful even than Olive realizes. Is Olive using the book to help her friend? Or is the book using HER?! Olive needs all her smarts, the cats and a couple new friends to figure out the evil that lives in her house and save Morton before it is too late. This one is a little bit of the paintings in Harry Potter, a little bit of Coraline and a little bit of 100 Cupboards….and lot of creepy fun! Author: Jacqueline West Series: The Books of Elsewhere

If you like the idea of a house with secrets – a house with doorways to secret places you can actually go to – try these:
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