Piper Reed Rodeo Star

Piper Reed Rodeo Star

Piper Reed Rodeo Star

Piper and her sisters are always on the move, literally, because their dad is in the Navy. They have learned to adjust to starting new schools a lot and also missing their dad when he is deployed somewhere. This time, the challenge is of a different kind – this time they have to miss their mom too!

Chief has decided that he and Piper’s Mom need a special second honeymoon vacation together in Paris and because of Chief’s crazy Navy schedule they have to go in December – and be gone for Christmas!

No mom OR dad at Christmas? Piper doesn’t really feel like saluting and saying “Aye, aye, Chief,” like she usually does. She just feels kind of sick – even though the plan involves Piper and her sisters staying with their grandparents for 8 whole days.

As usual Piper is a girl that’s always open to adventure. She jumps right into her 8 days in Piney Woods where all four of her Grandparents live. Piper finds a reason to say about each one of her four grandparents, “that’s why he/she is my favorite!” Piper shows how what you don’t know yet can be really fun- you just have to be patient enough to find out what the fun is!  Author: Kimberly Willis Holt

To find out how The Gypsy Club started and more about Piper Reed, try her other books, or try out other spunky girls, like Clementine and Amber Brown.

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  1. I love the piper reed series! It makes me giggle each time I read it. Please Publish another one if it is possible

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