The True Meaning of Smekday

The True Meaning of Smekday

The True Meaning of SmekdayEarth has been invaded by the Boov and 11 year-old Gratuity is not pleased.  Her mother is missing and there have been some serious changes going on.  All Americans are being forced to relocate to “Human Reserves” in Florida.  “One state for three hundred million people. There were going to be some serious lines for the bathrooms.”

Resistant to taking Boov transport, Gratuity grabs her cat named “Pig”, packs her rebellious spirit and hops in the family car to head to Florida and find her mother.   “…I decided to drive instead, and got shot at, and later went over an embankment because the highways had been destroyed.  Pig and I hung out in a convenience store, and I hid from A Boov name j.Lo, but then I trapped him, and let him go when he promised to fix my car.  Which now hovers instead of rolls.  And has big hoses and fins.  Everybody on the same page?  Great.”  A non-stop cross country road trip with a cat and a misfit alien, who has his own reasons for befriending a human girl who is about to save the world. Author: Adam Rex

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