Gilda Joyce #5: The Bones of the Holy

Gilda Joyce #5: The Bones of the Holy

Gilda Joyce: The Bones of the Holy

If you haven’t read any of Gilda’s other adventures, you should know that she is an experienced psychic investigator and she loves to spy and solve msyteries. Sometimes, she solves mysteries by paying attention to dead people!

This time the mystery is really close to home. When Gilda’s Mom returns from a trip to Florida acting really strange Gilda has no choice but to snoop…er, go clue hunting, in her Mom’s bedroom. What Gilda finds is NOT what she could EVER have imagined. Gilda’s Mom is getting married!

And when said fiance, Mr. Pook, refers to Gilda’s Mom as “Patty-cakes,” well, Gilda can hardly stand it. Who IS this guy and how did he even meet her Mom, let alone want to marry her! Solving that mystery takes some serious guts when Gilda accompanies her Mom to Mr. Pook’s Florida hometown and it’s ghostly past. Could Mr. Pook have something to hide? Something…sinister? Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator is on the case!

Gilda’s four other adventures – The Dead Drop is my favorite:
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