Miss Spitfire, Reaching Helen Keller

Miss Spitfire, Reaching Helen Keller

Miss Spitfire

In 1887, Annie Sullivan leaves Boston by train to travel to Alabama. Annie is a teacher on her way to her first teaching assignment, but it isn’t just any student Annie will be teaching. The child Annie has been hired to teach is both deaf and blind and no one knows whether the little girl named Helen will ever be able to learn. Annie discovers her new student to be stubborn, uncooperative and violent – she even knocks Annie’s teeth out! But really, who can blame her? How frustrating would it be to be stuck in a silent and dark world? Helen doesn’t know how to ask for things or tell someone if she doesn’t feel good. Lucky for Helen, Annie isn’t any pushover – that’s how she got the knickname “Miss Spitfire.” Annie doesn’t give up. Helen doesn’t give up. A miracle happens.

Based on the true life of the very real Helen Keller. Annie Sullivan did what most people thought would be impossible, she taught Helen to read and write and speak. Helen Keller graduated from college and became a lecturer and champion for the causes of blind and deaf people everwhere. If you like this story, told from Annie’s perspective, you might also like The Handmade Alphabetreading the real story from Helen’s point of view. Helen wrote an autobiography about herself, The Story of My Life: Helen Keller. Annie and Helen, two people who never gave up and accomplished the impossible. Author: Sarah Miller

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  1. I learned about ms.Keller. But I search on the computer for photographs. the kids museum has a certifacate from collage and others!!!!! Ya otta go there

  2. Terrific, fast-paced read about these amazing two women. I couldn’t put it down! Thanks for the recommendation.

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