The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief

The Lightning ThiefAs if his life isn’t enough of a mess: his father left before he was born, he can’t seem to control his temper and he keeps getting kicked out of school…Percy Jackson vaporizes his teacher…whoops!…and is almost killed by a minotaur…yikes! Percy’s Mom decides it’s time he knew the truth – Percy is a demigod, the son of a mortal woman and a Greek God. His mother sends him to Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp for demigods, for his own safety. At camp, Percy learns that his father is Poseidon, God of the Sea, and that Poseidon is accused of stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt. And when Zeus isn’t happy, nobody’s happy! Percy and his new friends at camp have to find out what really happened to the lightning bolt before a war between the gods wipes out mankind. Whew! Lots of action and laugh outloud funny. You’ll want to read more about Percy, and luckily, you can, there are 5 Percy adventures in all!  Author: Rick Riordan

#1: Lightning Thief on CD, Downloadable eBook or eAudiobook
#2: Sea of Monsters on CD, Downloadable eBook or eAudiobook
#3: Titan’s Curse on CD, Downloadable eBook or eAudiobook
#4: Battle of the Labyrinth on CD, Downloadable eBook or eAudiobook
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  1. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief” shows, no matter how much you think you don’t fit in, you can be a hero.

  2. The Lightning Thief is an interesting book, because it is always filled with new surprises. It was so sad when Percy nearly lost his mom to a Minotaur. I can´t wait to read the rest of the series.

  3. When I was in third grade, I began reading about The Lightning Thief. After I read the whole book, I decided that I LOVED reading Greek mythology, and that Rick Riordan’s books were AWESOME! So, I bought and read all of the other books that Rick Riordan wrote. His books are all funny, fun to read, and I really recommend them! 🙂

  4. i love the percy jackson siries,and im reading the lost hero,half way through it,when im done the lost hero,i will be reading fourth percy jackson book!

  5. This is the best book ive ever read! great storylone with a twisted plot that blends modern day , with greek mythology. though it is fiction, the author makes it beliveble and more realistic than other fiction stories. 10000000 out of 1000000 stars! READ THIS BOOK!

  6. Kid Review:
    i`m 12 years old and i loved this book. i have read the whole series and seen the movie.its about this boy in this book hes 12 and is on a field trip to a Greek museum his friend Grover is getting picked on by this girl. and Percy is mad and the water in the fountain has pushed this girl down but everyone that was there said he pushed her down.(that was the mist at work.these books are worth the time.its all the kinds of genre drama,action,pretend,and educational on Greek mythology

  7. i thought the lightning thief books were amazing and a step above harry potter.

    don’t get me wrong, i love harry potter. but the Percy Jackson books were adventurous and somewhat educational. i learned a lot about Greek mythology rick Riordan emphasized the Greek gods and goddesses in a way that modern day kids would understand.

    All in all i definitely recommend this series, i own them all!

  8. hey dudes just kidding! i looooooove the lightning thief tooo! has anyone read the other percy jackson book series i m going to.

  9. In my opinion this series is very good for lots of reasons. One of them is because it is very adventurous it is also full of mythology.

    P.S. Percy dies in the end and Percy is the son of Pan-the Greek God of the Wild.

  10. I think I like this book a lot. its a kid like me. i really like RICK RIORDAN so i’d like To meat you. please vist your friend.

  11. “It depends. Some campers only stay the summer. If you’re a child of Aphrodite or Demeter, you’re probably not a real powerful force. The monsters might ignore you, so you can get by with a few months of summer training and live in the mortal world for the rest of the year. But for some of us, it’s too dangerous to leave. We’re year-rounders. In the mortal world, we attract monsters. They sense us. They come to challenge us. Most of the time, they’ll ignore us until we’re old enough to cause trouble; about ten or eleven years old, but after that, most demigods either make their way here, or they get killed off. A few manage to survive in the outside world and become famous. Believe me, if I told you the names, you’d know them. Some don’t even realize they’re demigods. But very, very few are like that.”

    From Annabeth in Book One.

  12. If I remember right, some have no family to go home to or, in Percy’s case, it could be dangerous to go home (depending on what was going on at the time).

  13. on chapter 7 of lightning thief why are some kids summer campers and others year rounders?

  14. I LOVE your books SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I’ve read them ALL so far. PLEASE WRITE MORE!!! I want to find out what happens to Percy, Annabeth, and Rachel. I also want to know what the prophecy means!!!!!

  15. i love this book. just because it is about greek myhtology, doesnt mean that it is boring. it informs you with so much, yet it is so fun to read. rick riordan made an amazing book, and we should all be proud. greek mythology is something that is very special, and no one really pays too much attention to it. but this book reunites all greek mythology fans. from god to gorgon! from satyr to cyclops!
    be proud of what this world has made.

  16. Staff Recommend: Melissa Wooton, Shelby Branch Library

    Percy Jackson thinks he’s a normal boy. Well, as normal as a kid can be when he’s dyslexic, has ADD and hasn’t lasted more than a year in any school. But when his teachers start turning into mythological monsters and attacking him on field trips, Percy realizes he might be special. He happens to be a half-blood, son of a mortal woman and a god from Olympus. And everyone thinks he’s stolen Zeus’ thunderbolt.
    Along with two friends, Percy must go on a quest to find the real thief and stop a war between the gods. Along the way, he’ll have to fight several monsters, answer the riddle of the Oracle, and try to figure out who his father is. Anyone who loves mystery & adventure, and especially Harry Potter and Greek Mythology fans, will want to read The Lightning Thief, Book One in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

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