The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

Skye, Jane and Batty are back for another Penderwick summer adventure. But where is Rosalind, the usual OAP (oldest available Penderwick)? She is off to spend two weeks with her friend at the beach while her sisters go to Maine to spend two weeks with Aunt Claire.

This leaves Skye, the second to oldest, in charge…and she isn’t too sure she wants to be! She is so nervous about her new responsibilities that she has been taking notes in preparation…she has six closely written pages stuffed into her backpack so she won’t forget a single thing. She wants to be absolutely sure that she takes care of her sister.

As it turns out, it isn’t the little sister that need Skye’s OAP talents…it’s the adults: Aunt Claire, Aunt Claire’s friend Alec & Jeffrey’s mother (who is still just as aweful as she was in the first two books!) Skye leads the kids as they help the adults unravel a giant wrong and make it right again.

I love a book that lets the characters be real people – nobody is perfection. I especially liked the giant wrong in this story. I won’t tell you what it is because that would ruin it…but I liked how the adults and the kids both worked their way through it – like people do in real life. Author: Jeanne Birdsall

And how do you say Mouette? I didn’t know so I looked it up. According to the Wiktionary mouette means seagull – which makes sense, since the Penderwicks are vacationing at a beach. The pronunciation is /mwɛt/. Hm. I would have guessed it was like ballet…and that the “t” at the end was silent. I would have guessed “mo-way” or “moo-way”. Always look it up!

The Penderwicks Series:

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