A Crooked Kind of Perfect

A Crooked Kind of Perfect

A Crooked Kind of PerfectZoe wants to learn to play the piano more than anything but has to settle for a wheezy Perfectone D-60 organ that her Dad brings home. Instead of playing classical music Zoe is left with organ versions of old TV theme songs. Things just aren’t right, and it’s not just the organ. Zoe’s mom is always at work, her Dad is afraid to leave the house and a weird boy starts following her home from school every day! When Zoe enters an organ competition, she and the people around her find out that trying your best, even if it is on a wheezy old organ, is what really matters. Zoe finds that her life isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect enough. Available on CD. Author: Linda Urban

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  1. This is the most alsomeist book that I ever read (so far).But the only reason I say so far is because I have only read up to page 56.But it’s still a good book (not good, it rocks).
    Shout out to Linda Urban
    Please write more and more books
    I’m on your team!

  2. Sad but funny:)
    The story is my first chapter book;)
    Love it like crazy!!

  3. i really liked this story it is filled with lots of courage and hope for a girl who always thought about being the greatest piano player, but instead is a perfectone D-60 player.

  4. i really liked that book. i like how it was very discriptive.ZOE ELIAS dreams of bieng world famous is my favorite subgect in the whole book , but altho she hates her perfectone d-60 she is strong and lives with it.
    thank you for writing a fonominal chapter book.

  5. Staff Recommend: Bethany Flesher, Lawrence Branch Library

    Zoe Elias dreams of being a world-famous piano player whose fingers float effortlessly over the elegant keys; when her father brings home a decidedly un-elegant organ, specifically a PerfectOne D-60, Zoe is momentarily shattered. With a mother whose work takes first seat and a father who gets nervous and confused every time he leaves the house, Zoe has a lot working against her as she practices furiously for the looming PerfectOne Recital. This book is both funny and heart-warming, and Zoe faces her many obstacles in a very realistic combination of outrage, persistence, and acceptance.

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