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The 2014 Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics

The XXII  Winter Olympic Games take place February 7-23, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Below you will find websites and books to help you enjoy and follow all of the details, from countries to athletes to records.


Learn About the Olympics:

Coubertin's Olympics Eyewitness Olympians Olympics History Inside the Olympics
Freeze Frame a Photographic History of the Winter Games Special Olympics Touch the Sky The World's Greatest Olympians
The Winter Olympics Olympics A Passion for Victory So You Think You Know the Olympics
Olympic Heroes and Zeroes Amazing Olympic Records Great Olympic Moments High-Tech Olympics
The World of the Olympics Events History Scandals
Records Paralympic Sports Events Ancient Greece and the Olympics

Winter Olympic Sports:

Alpine and Freestyle Skiing Biathlon, Cross-Country, Ski Jumping, and Nordic Combined Bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton Figure Skating
Ice Hockey and Curling Snowboard Speed Skating Curling
Figure Skating Ice Hockey Skiing Ski Slopestyle

Olympic Chapter Books:

Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympics The Hour of the Olympics

Olympic eBooks:

Hour of the Olympics Ancient Greece and the Olympics The Olympics

Graphic Novels:

The Smurf Olympics Geronimo Stilton Saves the Olympics
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U.S. Revolution

U.S. Revolution

Eyewitness Civil War The U.S. Revolution lasted from 1775-1783. It is also called The Revolutionary War or The War for Independence. It was fought between Great Britain and the 13 Colonies. By its end, America was recognized as an independent nation. Famous events of the U.S. Revolution include:

Famous people of The Revolution include:


Focus on Indiana

Indiana & the U.S. Revolution:


The U.S. Revolution Voices of the American Revolution The Signers George Vs/ George
Black Regiments Friends Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Benedict Arnold
Betsy Ross Weapons & Gear of the U.S. Revolution Revolution & Dress The American Revolution
Women Heroes of the United States Revolution Top Secret Files the American Revolution Gingerbread for Liberty Founding Mothers
Cannons Independent Dames Americas Black Founders


Jump Ship to Freedom Mr. Revere and I My Brother Sam is Dead Johnny Tremain
Chains Forge Dog Diaries Sweetie Revolution Hanukkah
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U.S. Civil War

U.S. Civil War

Eyewitness Civil War The U.S. Civil War lasted from 1861-1865. It was between the Northern States (the Union) and the Southern States (the Confederacy). Famous events of The Civil War include:

Famous people of The Civil War include:


Focus on Indiana

Indiana & the U.S. Civil War:

Non-Fiction Books:

CivilSecretHarriet CivilAZ CivilBrady CivilOutrageous
CivilDressing CivilEyewitness CivilScholastic CivilSpy
CivilSpying CivilJoke CivilSiege CivilAppomattax
CivilVoices CivilGettysberg CivilWouldnt LincolnFreedman


CivilRedMoon CivilHomer CivilRedBadge
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Habitats habitat is the natural place a plant or animal lives. If a habitat changes so that a plant or animal can’t live there anymore and survive, the species of plant or animal either adapts (changes) or moves. Examples of habitats are a cave, a tree stump or a pond. A biome is an area on earth that has a particular kind of climate that supports certain plants and animals. For instance, for a raccoon, a hollow tree might be its habitat. The tree itself is in the forest biome. The forest biome is the place on earth that has the right soil and temperatures for trees to grow.

  • Listen and Read the FREE eMagazine: National Geographic Young Explorer! A Habitat is Home

Biome Websites:

Pinterest Logo 25More Websites, Printables & Activities on the indyPL Kids Pinterest Board: Biomes

Biome Books:

Understanding Biomes Amazing Biome Projects Ecosystems How Ecosystems Work


Arctic Tundra Websites:

Arctic Tundra Books:

Arctic Tundra Counting Tundra The Frozen Tundra 24 Hours on the Tundra


the desert

FREE Desert eReading:

Desert Websites:

Desert Books:

Counting the Desert Deserts and Semideserts The Dry Desert


forest in spring

FREE Forest eReading:

Forest Websites:

Forest Books:

Counting Forest Coniferous Forest Temperate Forest The Temperate Forest

Rain Forest:

Life in a RainForest

FREE Rain Forest eReading:

Rain Forest Websites:

Counting the Rain Forest Rain Forests Tropical Forests The Tropical Rain Forest


Who is in the ocean

FREE Ocean eReading:

Ocean Websites:

Ocean Books:

Counting the Ocean Oceans and Beaches The Seashore


A Coral Reef

FREE Coral Reef eReading:

  • eMagazine: Read Right Now! National Geographic Young Explorer!: A Coral Reef (it is the third story in the magazine, not the first one – the reef article starts on page 13.)

Coral Reef Websites:

Coral Reef Books:

The Coral Reef Coral Reef 24 Hours on a Coral Reef


Freshwater Websites:

Freshwater Books:

Rivers Lakes and Streams Lakes and Rivers Fresh Waters Explore Rivers and Ponds


Mountain Websites:

Mountain Books:

Mountains Mountains and Highlands Mountains 2 Mountains 3


Wetlands, Marshes & Swamps:

Wetlands, Marshes & Swamps Books:

Wetlands Marshes and Swamps 24 Hours on the Wetlands Marshes and Swamps 2


Grassland & Savanna Websites:

Grassland & Savanna Books:

Temperate Grasslands Tropical Grasslands Grasslands Sweeping Savannas The Wide Open Grasslands

TAIGA (Boreal Forest):

Taiga Websites:

Taiga Books:

The Forested Taiga Taiga Boreal Forests


Chapparal Websites:

Chapparal Books:

Shrublands Chaparral and Scrub


Estuary Websites:

Estuary Books:

Estuaries A Journey Into An Estuary

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Below are books and websites that will help you get started on your Chemistry Homework. Stuck? Remember you can always call the Rose-Hulman Homework Help Hotline.


Pinterest Logo 25MORE Websites, Printables & Activities on the IndyPL Kids Pinterest Board: Chemistry


Why Is Milk White Step By Step Chemistry Analyze This Cool Chemistry
The Elements Kitchen Chemistry 2 Chemistry Getting a Big Reaction Amazing Kitchen Chemistry
Its Elementary Mixtures and Solutions Chemical Elements Women in Chemistry
Chemical Engineering and Chain Reactions How to Make a Universe


GaleScience Science in Context: This is a database you can look at with your IndyPL Library Card Number and PIN to find Chemistry Information. Choose the category “Chemistry” to open a whole page of choices. (What’s my PIN?)
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