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Read Right Now! Martin Luther King Jr.

Read Right Now! Martin Luther King Jr.
Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. ReadingRainbow
Watch Right Now! A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. Read by LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow Story Time – A biography of the Baptist minister and civil rights leader whose philosophy and practice of nonviolent civil disobedience helped American blacks win many battles for equal rights.

Martin Luther King Comic Book FOR Logo
Read Right Now! 1956 Martin Luther King “Montgomery Story” Comic Book published by The Fellowship of the Reconciliation.

Explore the books & links below to find out more about Martin Luther King Jr. and why the March on Washington was so important.

The words in I Have a Dream are the words from Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech which he delivered on August 28, 1963 during the March on Washington. Marchers came from all over to gather in front of the Lincoln Memorial. A lot more people watched the march and heard this speech on television.

The paintings in the book were done by Kadir Nelson. The book was named a 2013 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award Honor Book.




Books about The March on Washington & “I Have a Dream”

WeMarch MarchOn IHave MartinMahalia
MartinMarch Dream

Books about Martin Luther King Jr.

History MLK DreamMLK MLK2
Daddy MLK3 UncleMartin BigHeart
ReadDream Riding Love Will See You Through True Martin Luther King Jr


More Info Guides about Black History:

Book Recommendations by: Janet Spaulding, Selection Services

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Giant Squid

Giant Squid

Giant Squid

Giant Squid is a finalist in the non-fiction category for the CYBILS Awards, 2016! More Finalists

The eyes of a giant squid can be as big as a soccer ball. Seriously. I don’t want to think cybils-2016-round-150about giant squid when I am at the beach! In a book though, they are so interesting. Even though giant squid start out bite-sized, just two inches long, they grow to be HUGE. Their tentacles can be up to 40 FEET long. And giant squid are stealthy. They move quietly, like a submarine.

Giant squid live so far down in the ocean scientists didn’t really know very much about them until recently. In the video below with the title “Rare Giant Squid Encounter,” you can watch scientists see a giant squid for the first time interacting with one of their deep sea cameras. It is fun to watch how excited the scientists are.

Scientists and engineers have figured out how to send drones to Mars to study it and have just as much of a challenge figuring out how to successfully study the deepest parts of the ocean right here on earth. The ocean is so deep, lack of oxygen, the darkness, and the pressure per square inch make it as inhospitable to humans as a different planet!

When you watch the giant squid in the video, it looks so beautiful and graceful, like its arms are dancing. And then you read this book and find out even their TONGUES have teeth. Yikes! (A drawing of the tongue.) The giant squid, ferocious and beautiful all wrapped up in one mysterious, enormous creature. Find out what makes this creature so elegant..and deadly…in Giant Squid by Candace Fleming, illustrations by Eric Rohmann.



More Books About Giant Squid:

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