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This is the fascinating story of one bird. He is a rufa red knot and his name is B95. His name is the number on the band scientists put on his leg. B95 is about the size of a robin, a bird we see a lot here in Indiana. B95 and the other red knots are migratory. That means they move in the Spring and Fall in search of food and nesting grounds. Red knots are AMAZING because they migrate from the South Pole…to the North Pole, and back again. That’s a long way!

B95 was banded as a young bird in 1995 when he was thought to be at least three years old. Each year scientists try to capture and band red knots to study their habiits. Amazingly, B95 has been re-caught in 2001, 2003, 2007 & 2009. He is thought to be around 20 years old. Scientists think has has flown more than 325,000 miles in his life…the distance from the moon and almost halfway back. And he weights 4 ounces!

This book is a really fascinating look at the scientists who study the red knots and also B95 himself. Each year, the scientists hope, hope, hope to see B95 again. He is a superbird – a true survivor! Author: Phillip Hoose

The Race to Save the Lord God Bird North the Amazing Story of Arctic Migration The Amazing Animal Journeys Incredible Journeys
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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, she’s all over the news. As if the word “hurricane” isn’t scary enough, they’re not just calling her “Sandy”. They’re calling her a “Superstorm” and even “Frankenstorm”. Even though we don’t live in the path of Sandy here in Indiana, she’s still kind of scary.  Being from Indiana, we know what it feels like to be afraid of storms because we have tornadoes here. Just like the tornadoes here, hurricanes can be less scary if we learn about them. Knowledge is power – when you understand what is going on you feel safer; confident that you know what to do.

Wherever you live, Indiana or New Jersey, it’s important to remember that there are grownups out there that know a lot about storms and how to keep people safe. Meteorologists and scientists and policemen and firemen…plus all kinds of other people who are trained to know what to do during weather emergencies. On this page are books and websites that can help you understand Sandy and hurricanes in general, as well as what can be done to keep you and the people you care about safe.

Why is Hurricane Sandy such a big deal? After reading this article Time Science & Space: Why Hurricane Sandy Will Be Historic I think Sandy is getting so much attention because:

  • Sandy is a LARGE storm.
  • Usually, air pressure pulls hurricanes out to sea…but at this time of year, there happens to be a winter storm coming from the West and cold air coming from the North. These air pressures make Sandy come ashore instead of blowing out to sea.
  • The moon affects tides…today is a full moon.
  • Sandy is hitting in a VERY populated area – 50-60 million people could be affected
  • National Hurricane Center: Hurricane Sandy 
  • NASA Hurricane Sandy Video Gallery

Here are some websites, books and a video to help you understand Hurricanes and how to stay (and feel) safe during one:

Hurricane Books:

Surviving Hurricanes Saving Animals from Hurricanes Hurricanes The Worst Hurricanes of All Time The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane




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Countries of the World

Countries of the World

The Grimm Legacy

If you need to do a report about one of the countries of the world the websites and books on this page will help you get started. You will be able to find maps, flags, national anthems, food, clothing, games and more. To find library books, use the online catalog for kids Sherlock Jr. Uganda

To find a book
about a particular country, like the book on the right about Uganda, just type the name of the country in the search box in Sherlock Jr. and click “search.”

Around the World CookbookThere are also country books about themes, like  “games” or “festivals”, that will have information about individual countries. The book on the right, for example, is a cookbook that features recipes around the world. In books like these, indiviual countries will have a chapter or a section. Or, you might have to look up a country’s name in the index at the back of the book, to find out which page to go to.



CultureGrams Kids Edition Choose a country to find up-to-date information for reports including:

  • language
  • climate
  • geography
  • economy
  • history
  • population
  • government
  • holidays
  • religion
  • recipes
IndyPL Library Card 150 You need to know your indyPL Library Card number and PIN to login to CultureGrams Kids EditionWhat’s my PIN?


Timeline History of the WorldChildren Just Like MeWonders of the WorldChildren from Australia to ZimbabweClothesDream Around the WorldA Faith Like MineSacred StoriesIf the World Were a VillageA Life Like MineThe World's Most Amazing National ParksOne World Kid's CookbookMy Rows and Piles of CoinsOur WorldSchool Days Around the WorldYou and Me TogetherWhere in the World World Famous LandmarksNational Geographic Kids AtlasThe Real Wonders of the WorldLets Celebrate101 Things You Should Know About Social StudiesSocial Studies Projects That Shine100 People Who Made HistoryEconomies Around the WorldEveryone PraysEyewitness Wonders of the WorldThe Story of BuildingsCool World CookingChildren's Introduction to ArtWhats for Lunch How School Children Eat Around the WorldFlags of the WorldLittle Treasures Endearments from Around the WorldWhat We WearChildren of the World

Selected by: Janet Spaulding, Selection Services

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Staff Pick: What Color Is My World?

Staff Pick: What Color Is My World?

What Color is My World?“Have you ever wondered who invented some of the items we use and depend on each day?  Well take a look at this title What Color is My World?:  the Lost History of African-American Inventors.  Twins Ella and Herbie have just moved into an older home with their parents.  The home is in need of much repair.  Handy Man, Mr. Mital, is able to restore the home and pass on history to Ella and Herbie about famous inventors.  Herbie gets so excited about the information that he pulls out his notebook and writes notes so that he won’t forget anything.  This is an excellent source for children of all ages to learn about great inventions and inventors.”

Recommended by Denyce Malone – Flanner House Library

And to make the book even more interesting, note that it is written by the basketball legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

More Staff Picks





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