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Staff Pick: What Color Is My World?

Staff Pick: What Color Is My World?

What Color is My World?“Have you ever wondered who invented some of the items we use and depend on each day?  Well take a look at this title What Color is My World?:  the Lost History of African-American Inventors.  Twins Ella and Herbie have just moved into an older home with their parents.  The home is in need of much repair.  Handy Man, Mr. Mital, is able to restore the home and pass on history to Ella and Herbie about famous inventors.  Herbie gets so excited about the information that he pulls out his notebook and writes notes so that he won’t forget anything.  This is an excellent source for children of all ages to learn about great inventions and inventors.”

Recommended by Denyce Malone – Flanner House Library

And to make the book even more interesting, note that it is written by the basketball legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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Kid Review from Mia: Emily and Carlo

Kid Review from Mia: Emily and Carlo

Emily and CarloThe only sibling left in the Dickinson house In Amherst, Massachusetts, in the winter of 1849, Emily gets a dog who becomes her constant companion and who is featured in some of the poems she writes. Includes brief notes on the life and work of Emily Dickinson.

Mia says:

I read this book with my great-aunt last week-end and I love it. The story, the poems and the pictures are beautiful! The story of a very large dog and a very small woman that loved to write poetry – Emily Dickinson. My favorite poem in the story is:

Twas my one glory
Let it be
I was owned of thee.”

Emily and her dog, Carlo, were best friends and loved to walk and watch – flowers, frogs, everything. They were best friends! I love gardens, dogs and poems! I hope you like it too.”

Some more books you might like about the writer Emily Dickinson – her life and her poetry:
My Uncle Emily Emily Dickinson's Letters to the World The Mouse of Amhurst Emily
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If You Like Fairies

If You Like Fairies

If you like the idea of magical creatures like fairies and pixies and boggarts living just out of our sight try some of the websites, books and activities below. You can get some tips for finding and attracting fairies right to your own yard….because really, you just never know!

Fairy Crafts and Activities to Try at Home:

More fairy craft ideas:
Fairy World Crafts 2008 Fairy parties: recipes, crafts, and games for enchanting celebrations 2010 The girl's guide to fairies : everything irresistible about the fair folk 2012 You Can Draw Fairies and Princesses 2012
Books that will help you learn about fairies and their magical world:
Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide Spiderwick chronicles care and feeding of sprites Finding fairies secrets for attracting little people from around the world Book of Fairies
The Book of Little Folk Faery Stories and Poems from Around the World Flower Fairies Secret World
Outstanding Fairy Adventures…my personal favorites – Fablehaven and the warrior fairies of Silksinger!
Silksinger Fablehaven Small Persons With Wings Peter and the Starcatchers
The Field Guide The Rise of the Darklings Clemency Pogue fairy killer The New Policeman
Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand In the realm of the Never Fairies the secret world of Pixie Hollow
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