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Time Stops for No Mouse

Time Stops for No Mouse

Time Stops for No Mouse

Hermux Tantamoq is an organized, meticulous little mouse that owns a watch repair shop. He wears clothes decorated with cheese and spoils on his pet ladybug Terfle. Hermux’s ordered life is turned upside down one day when the beautiful, adventurous mouse Linka Perflinger, an accomplished aviator, stops by his shop and drops off her watch for repair – and she needs the watch fixed ASAP!

Hermux knocks himself out getting the watch finished, and then days go by and the mysterious lady mouse never returns. And then out of the blue, a shifty looking rat shows up demanding Linka’s watch. No way will Hermux let the watch go. He is convinced something shady is going on and sets out to follow the evil-looking rat. In no time, Hermux is in over his carefully combed head…mixed up with spies, kidnappers, thieves, even killers! But Hermux is committed to finding Miss Perflinger and musters all the courage and pluck he needs to go undercover and get to the bottom of the mystery. Author: Michael Hoeye

If you like Stuart Little or Geronimo Stilton give Hermux a try. He’s a very likable mouse. He has three other adventures too, Sands of Time, No Time Like Show Time & Time to Smell the Roses.

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Staff Pick: The Eye of the Crow

Staff Pick: The Eye of the Crow

The Eye of the Crow

If you like Sherlock Holmes, you will be excited by this Canadian author’s exploration of Holmes’s life as a 12-year old.  It is 1867 in London.  A terrible murder has been committed and an Arab immigrant has been arrested for it.  Young Sherlock Holmes, with his odd ways, gets sucked into the mystery and is accused of being an accomplice.  He must find the real killer or face the gallows himself.  In this tense and well-written mystery, we meet Holmes’s parents and understand the circumstances of racism (Sherlock is half-Jewish) and poverty that led him to be the moody, brilliant detective he became as an adult.  We also meet the younger versions of the mysterious Professor Moriarity and even Irene Adler (the only woman Sherlock Holmes ever loved).  An attention-grabbing and creative book. Author: Shane Peacock

Recommended by: Steve Bridge – Irvington Library

Series: The Boy Sherlock Holmes

#1 The Eye of the Crow on Downloadable eBook
#2 Death in the Air
#3 The Vanishing Girl
#4 The Secret Friend
#5 The Dragon Turn

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The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones

The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones

The 39 Clues is a series of ten books that tells the story of a world-wide treasure hunt. It reminds me a lot of National Treasure. You can solve puzzles and look for the 39 clues yourself by reading the books and playing online – you just might win a prize.

To find the 39 Clues:
Read the Books – Each 39 Clues book unlocks one Clue.
Collect the Cards – Game cards help reveal Clues.
Play the Game – Find Clues through online missions.

The first book is called The Maze of Bones. It was written by Rick Riordan – the author who writes the Percy Jackson books. The next nine books will follow one at a time through September 2010. (Number two comes out Dec. 2.)

The Maze of Bones starts off the adventure when Dan and Amy Cahill’s Grandmother dies and includes them in her will. At the reading of the will, Dan and Amy are given the choice of receiving a million dollars instantly or receiving the first of 39 clues that are hidden around the world. They are told that the clues will lead to the source of the family’s power. To accept the first clue means giving up the million dollars. It also means competing against other Cahill family members. Some family members are annoying, some mysterious, and some downright dangerous. Dan and Amy take the first clue of course and it’s up to them (and you) to find the clues. Try to do it without getting blown up, OK? Author: Rick Riordan

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