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Thirteen-year-old Andrew Bean goes to school, attends after school meetings, does his homework and appears at the dinner table on time. He’s probably a lot like you and a lot like the kid sitting next to you in Math and the girl a couple rows over in English. Drew’s not super smart  – no ribbons for knowing the most answers. He’s not super athletic – no trophies for being fast or strong.

What Drew is…is sensitive. In fact, you might say he is super sensitive. He feels and sees and hears things other people don’t. He also smells things other people don’t…from like, a couple miles away. Because Drew is not ordinary. Drew is extraordinary. He  is not just super sensitive. He is SUPER sensitive…Drew is “The Sensationalist”…Sidekick to the Superhero “The Titan” and owner of the most acute set of five senses on the planet.

The club Drew goes to after school is the Highview Environmental Revitalization Organization (H.E.R.O.), which is top secret and no ordinary club. Drew and the other five members are all Sidekicks, each one matched with a Superhero mentor. Drew’s friends all have super powers too and can do something to help their Super save the day when trouble comes calling. What can Drew do? He can SENSE trouble coming. Which is cool. But not quite as cool as taking care of business once trouble arrives! It’s hard to take on an arch nemesis with super powered tastebuds.

If you could have a super power what would you pick? Great eyesight? Bionic hearing? A super sense of smell? Huh. No. Those are supposed to be EXTRAS to go along with super strength or invisibility or flying! But Drew does his best with what he’s got. He’s got a pretty good utility belt that comes in handy when he doesn’t forget it in his locker. He also has his Super, of course, which is cool…well, it WOULD be cool having a Super except “The Titan” never shows up. Ever. If your Super never shows up…do you really have one?

When a long thought dead super villain returns and Supers begin disappearing, Drew has to pull his middle school self together and figure out what to do. “The Code” says he is a Sidekick with clearly defined rules about how to be hero support for his Super. But his Super has decided to do nothing. If the people who are SUPPOSED to step up when things go wrong…people like “The Titan,”…what if those people can’t or won’t do the work? What should a kid do? Stand around and wait for someone else to show up and save the day?

No. What you can do is try to figure out what the villain is up to as well as what a hero is supposed to do about it. Sound easy? It isn’t. Even if you are a Super. You can’t make somebody else a hero, but you can choose to be one.

If you liked how Drew has to figure out how to step up when it seems like the people in charge are letting him down, try one of these books about other kids in the same situation. They might not have super powers but they know how step up and take care of business.

Waiting for Normal Also Known as Harper Adam Canfield of the Slash

If you like books about superhero – try one of these, or try to draw a hero. Make up your own. What kind of powers would your superhero have?

Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy The Hero Revealed Sidekicks NERDS HIVE
Sky High Heroes Draw Your Own Superheroes How to Draw Justice League How to Draw Comic Book Heroes
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Big Nate Flips Out

Big Nate Flips Out

Big Nate Flips Out

In this latest misadventure, Nate, the all-time record-holder for detentions, gets to see how the other half lives as he follows his best friend Francis’s example and becomes a total neat freak; has Nate totally flipped out?

When Nate makes the worst friend mistake ever and breaks the “secret swear” he made to Francis, he knows he has to make some big changes to earn Francis’s trust back. He decides he can’t do it on his own and turns to Teddy’s Uncle Pedro for help. What good is he? Well, he’s an inventor-magician-handyman-mad scientist. And he hypnotizes people.

Nate doesn’t believe he’s hypnotized until he starts to really act odd. He notices things like Dee Dee’s smudged glasses and a puddle he doesn’t want Teddy to step in. He cleans his room.He rewrites his messy class notes. He cleans his locker. Nate. Cleans. His. Locker. And THEN…Nate gets an A++. Not Gina. Nate! He really has flipped out. But Francis is still mad. It doesn’t matter to him that Nate is trying to change. Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate Series:
1: Big Nate in a Class By Himself
2: Big Nate Strikes Again
3: Big Nate On a Roll
4: Big Nate Goes for Broke
5: Big Nate Flips Out
6. Big Nate In the Zone coming out 2014

If you think Nate is funny, try some of these:
Dog Days Smile Amelia Rules Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday
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Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire

Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire

Jemma Hartman, Camper ExptraordinaireJemma is on her way to Camp Star Lake for the summer. She just finished fifth grade and she’s had a long 11 months since her bff Tammy moved away. But this summer at camp, the two will be reunited again for a whole 4 weeks. Swimming, boating, campfires, crafts, Jemma can’t wait!

But when Jemma meets Tammy to get on the bus to go to camp, she finds out Tammy brought something Jemma never expected…her cousin Brooke. Jemma now has competition for Tammy’s attention, something she’s never had to worry about before, and she isn’t too happy about it! Even though she knows she shouldn’t be jealous Jemma can’t help but be hurt when Tammy chooses Brooke over her and angry when Brooke seems to turn Tammy against her.

If you’ve ever been caught between two friends, had a hard time accepting changes that can happen in a friendship, or had a hard time making new friends…you’ll like reading about Jemma, Tammy, Brooke and the other girls in cabin six. Author: Brenda Ferber

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid #7: The Third Wheel

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #7: The Third Wheel

A Valentine’s Day dance at Greg’s middle school has turned his world upside down until an unexpected twist gives Greg a partner for the dance and leaves his best friend Rowley the odd man out. Author: Jeff Kinney

If you haven’t already…read them all:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series:
#1: Greg Heffley’s Journal on CDeBook
#2: Rodrick Rules on CDeBook
#3: The Last Straw on CDeBook
#4: Dog Days on CDeBook
#5: The Ugly Truth on CDeBook
#6: Cabin Fever on CDeBook
#7: The Third Wheel on CD
#8: Hard Luck


While you are waiting for Wimpy Kid 5, I suggest Big Nate, Smile and The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.
Big Nate Smile The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
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Staff Pick: An Early Winter

Staff Pick: An Early Winter

An Early Winter

When eleven-year-old Tim’s beloved grandfather develops Alzheimer’s Disease, Tim tries to restore and save him by taking him out for a fishing adventure at the pond, but the outing turns into a disaster.

“Eleven-year-old Tim is determined to go with his Granddad on a fishing adventure. Forget all the family talks about Granddad’s forgetfulness. Only when they are out on the lake in a sinking boat does Tim realize that the strong man who raised him now needs to be taken care of. Tim struggles through the emotional upheaval that accompanies dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease. Granddad might forget who Tim was but he would never forget that “you are someone I love.”

Recommended by: Joan Emmert – infoZone

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