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Odd and the Frost Giants

Odd and the Frost Giants

Odd and the Frost Giants

Odd, what a name. The poor kid. He’s unlucky too. His Dad is dead and his mother has re-married someone Odd doesn’t like (and the feeling is mutual). He’s lame because a tree fell on him and most people around him think he’s useless because of that. And to top if off, Spring won’t come. Odd’s town has had winter stretching on for days with no sign of better weather. One day Odd decides to head to a cabin of his father’s in the woods. He’s had it with the frustrations in his life and figures anywhere is better than where he’s at.

In the woods a fox leads Odd to a bear stuck in a tree. There is also an eagle circling over the bear. After freeing the bear Odd discovers that the three animals are traveling together. They are really the Norse gods Thor, Loki and Odin. A Frost Giant has trapped the gods in animal bodies and is also responsible for the winter weather in Odd’s village.

Odd decides that THIS is the something better he’s been searching for, an adventure.  He sets out to confront the trouble making Frost Giant and set things right. Author: Neil Gaiman

If you liked Odd and the funny, bickering Thor, Loki and Odin, read more about them:
D'Aulaires' book of Norse myths Thor's Wedding Day Islands of the Blessed ds and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse

Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse

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Peter and the Sword of Mercy

Peter and the Sword of Mercy

Peter and the Sword of Mercy

Peter and the Sword of Mercy is book four  in the Peter and the Starcatchers series, the high-flying, page turning, pirate adventure series that was written as a prequel to Peter Pan.  A prequel is a story that tells you about what happened before another story.  If you ever wondered how Peter came to the island, why he can fly, and why he can never grow up, the Peter and the Starcatchers series will answer those questions in funny, dramatic style.

In Peter and the Sword of Mercy, 20 years have passed since Peter and the orphan boys met Molly Aster and found out about starstuff and its magical properties. Peter stayed behind on the island but the other children returned to London. Molly is now married and the mother of three children, Wendy, Michael & John. James, one of the Lost Boys, has become a policeman and is working for Scotland Yard.

James appears at Molly’s house one night with a strange and frightning tale. James thinks that Prince Albert Edward, who is about to be crowned king of England, is being controlled by evil people who are after a secret stash of starstuff hidden somewhere underground in London.

Molly is alarmed at James’s fears and the two agree to meet to figure out what to do…except they both disappear. Luckily, Molly’s daughter Wendy eavesdropped on their conversation and is determined to save her mother. Wendy has heard the Peter Pan stories, could they possibly be real? If she could find Peter, could he help her save her mother? Wendy goes to the Lost Boys for help and begins an adventure that will take her straight into the struggle for control of the world’s supply of starstuff. Authors: Dave Barry & Ridley Scott Series: Peter and the Starcatchers

1: Peter and the Starcatchers on CD & Downloadable Audiobook
2: Peter and the Shadow Thieves on CD & Downloadable Audiobook
3: Peter and the Secret of Rundoon on CD & Downloadable Audiobook
4: Peter and the Sword of Mercy on CD & Downloadable Audiobook

There are several books that tell more about Peter Pan and his adventures with Captain Hook, Wendy & the Lost Boys. Try them all! And if you like this kind of high spirited, action packed writing, try Science Fair, also by Dave Barry.
Peter Pan in Scarlet Captain Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth Cave of the Dark Wind a Neverland Book Science Fair
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Bran Hambric The Farfield Curse

Bran Hambric The Farfield Curse

Bran Hambric The Farfield Curse

Bran Hambric doesn’t know a thing about himself. He was found at age 6 locked in a bank vault in the town of Dunce. He has no memory of anything before being discovered in the vault. He’s being raised by the Wilomas family, only because Mr. Wilomas worked at the bank and is forced to obey the “Finders Keepers Law.” If you find it, you have to keep it, even if “it” is a kid.

In Dunce, magic is outlawed. When Bran is confronted by a gangly creature that actually knows his name, he knows something is up – something about his past. Something that has to do with magic. Clues lead Bran to a magical library, a mysterious girl, a bank employee that is much more than she seems and a gnome. Yeah, a gnome: short guy, long beard, tall red hat shaped like a cone. Together the new friends set out to uncover Bran’s past and confront the Farfield curse.

An orphan kid living in a house where the family treats him badly. The kid finds out he’s magic.  A bad guy wants the kid dead. Oh, and there’s a curse involving the kid. Sound familiar? I know it does. There are an awful lot of Harry Potter similarities…but even so, Bran Hambric is a fun story anyway. I would call it fan fiction. Fan fiction is fiction created by the admirer of a certain story or that story’s characters. Kaleb didn’t plagiarize, he just took some ideas and built his own story around them. There are enough original ideas to keep the story interesting. AND, he’s a teenage author – not too shabby. He says that there are more Bran Hambric stories coming. It will be fun to see where he goes with Bran’s story and how his writing matures. Author: Kaleb Nation

More boys coming into their magical powers:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone The Magickeepers The Magic Thief The Amulet of Samarkand
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Spirits in the Park

Spirits in the Park

In Book 1: Gods of Manhattan, we found out that 13 year-old Rory can see impossible things…a cockroach riding a rat like a horse, American Indians, and lots of people who have been dead for two hundred years! Rory is a “Light,” one of the few mortals who can see the spirit world, the Gods of Manhattan, who live in his city. Rory can see and talk to the spirits of Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Walt Whitman and many more people from New York history.  He can also see the Munsee Indians whose spirits are trapped inside Central Park. To understand how Rory came to know he is a “Light” and understand how our world and the spirit world co-exist, I think it would be good if you started with book 1. There are a lot of characters to meet who all play important roles as the story moves along – a lot like all the characters in the Percy Jackson stories.

In Book 2:  Spirits in the Park, Rory, his little sister Bridget (aka “Malibu Death Barbie”), his dog, some teenage Spirit friends and a couple cockroach warriors take on some of the most powerful and sinister figures in New York history.  The kids and their cockroach warriors want to free the Munsee Indian spirits trapped in Central Park . When they find out that freeing the Indians could start a war between the Indians and the Gods of Manhattan, the kids need to get to the bottom of who trapped the Indians in the first place, and why. The answers are not at all what they expect. Can they free the Indians and prevent an all-out war at the same time? Author: Scott Mebus; Series: Gods of Manhattan

Series: The Gods of Manhattan
#1: The Gods of Manhattan
#2: Spirits in the Park
#3: The Sorcerer’s Secret

Like I said, you probably want to start with Book 1: Gods of Manhattan. Then, read the book Duel! It tells the story of the longstanding feud between Alexander Hamilton and Aarron Burr. Really, this is historically real…and the two guys appear in Spirits in the Park still hating each other. Knowing their real story will help you understand the conflict in Spirits in the Park. Plus, Duel! is a great book itself. Then, if you like the idea of a spirit world co-existing with ours, try The Night Tourist and of course, the all-time favorite, The Lightning Thief.
God's of Manhattan Duel The Night Tourist The Lightning Thief
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43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Dying to Meet You

43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Dying to Meet You

Dying to Meet You

This book doesn’t have any chapters in it. It’s a collection of letters and notes with a few newspaper articles thrown in here and there. You have to figure out who is who and what is going on by reading the letters the characters write to each other and by reading the newspaper articles that report the strange happenings at 43 Old Cemetery Road.

Ignatius B. Grumply is a crabby old author with writer’s block who has rented a creepy old house for the summer. He doesn’t know it, but a boy named Seymour is living on the third floor and a ghost lives in the attic – a bossy old lady ghost.

The old man is none too happy when he discovers the boy. Seymour isn’t too happy about the old man either. The two set up a few house rules to keep things from getting ugly:

Mr. Grumply’s Rules:

  • You will not bother me when I am writing
  • You will stay out of my bedroom and bathroom at all times.
  • You will not lurk in doorways or dark hallways.
  • You are not permitted on the second floor, which I have claimed as my own for the duration of the summer.

Seymour’s Rules:

  • You will not tell me what time I have to go to bed.
  • You will not tell me what to eat or when to eat it.
  • You will not play old man music on the stereo.
  • You’re not allowed on the third floor. No exceptions.

And this begins a tentative agreement to help the two get through the summer without all out war breaking loose. They agree to communicate by letter, which is fine, until the old man shoots some accusations at Seymour that are simply not true. The slamming doors, the loudly playing piano, the falling chandalier – none of that was Seymour, that was the ghost!  Mr. Grumply doesn’t believe a word of it and he isn’t at all interested in having a liar for a housemate.

Read the letters to hear them duke it out in writing – the letters are funny exchanges between these people who don’t care for each other at all…at first! Author: Kate Klise Series: 43 Old Cemetery Road

If you liked Dying to Meet You don’t miss the other 6 in  the 43 Old Cemetery Road series, and when you get done with those, try Billy Bones – he’s another ghost in hiding with a fun family. If you like how the story was told through letters try one of these: IndyPL Kids’ Blog Stories Told Through Letters
Over My Dead Body Till Death Do Us Bark The Phantom of the Post Office Hollywood Dead Ahead
Greetings From the Graveyard The Loch Ness Punster Billy Bones
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