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Mighty Girl Video: Exhibit Coordinator Georgina Goodlander

Mighty Girl Video: Exhibit Coordinator Georgina Goodlander

Women’s History Month 2015

Mighty Girl Story:
Watch Right Now! Georgina Goodlander
Stories, both real and imagined, show what girls can do. The stories of women’s lives, and the choices they made, encourage girls to think larger and bolder, and give boys and men a fuller understanding of the female experience.

~National Women’s History Project

“I think if you’re interested in working with art and working in museums, it’s just kind of getting out there and experiencing as many of them as you possibly can. I’ve always been fascinated with museums. Whenever I go to a new place, new country, new city, I always check out at least one museum.” ~ Georgina

Womens History Month Our History Is Our Strength


The Museum Book The Museum A Day at the Museum S is for Smithsonian The Museum
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Mighty Girl Biographies

Mighty Girl Biographies



Soar Elinor Brave Harriet Barreling Over Niagara Falls Mrs Harkness and the Panda
Fly High Amelia Lost Daredevil Flying Solo
Uncommon Traveler Sky High


Through Georgia's Eyes My Name is Georgia Restless Spirit Stand There She Shouted


Mermaid Queen Fearless Touch the Sky Nothing But Trouble
Dirt on their Skirts Basketball Belles America's Champion Swimmer Wilma Unlimited
Tillie the Terrible Swede


Leontyne Price My Name is Celia Josephine Skit Scat Raggedy Cat
Melba and her Big Trombone When Marian Sang


Mama Miti Life in the Ocean Natures Storyteller Dive
Watcher Rachel Carson and Her Book Elephant Scientist Tree Lady
Mother to Tigers


Sally Ride Temple Grandin Look Up Who Says Women Cant Be Doctors
In the Bag Of Numbers and Stars Spic and Span Stone Girl Bone Girl
Marvelous Mattie Julia Morgan Built a Castle


Brave Girl Clara Barton Claudette Colvin Coretta Scott
Dear Malala Eleanor Quiet No More Elizabeth Leads the Way Forbidden Schoolhouse
Girl From the Tar Paper School I Could Do That Ida M Tarbell Susan B Anthony
Librarian of Basra Mary Walker Wears Pants My Name is Gabriela Paiute Princess
Separate Is Never Equal Side By Side Sonia Sotomayor Thats Not Fair


Bronte Sisters Brown Girl Dreaming Bylines Ida B Wells
Libertys Voice Little Author in the Big Woods Voice of her Own Wanda Gag
Write On Mercy Zora


Bon Appetit Different Like Coco Here Come the Girl Scouts Miss Moore Thought Otherwise
Nurse Soldier Spy Oprah Shooting for the Moon What to do about Alice
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Staff Pick – El Deafo

Staff Pick – El Deafo

El Deafo

A poignant graphic tale based on the creator’s own experiences with hearing loss follows the adventures of young Cece, who develops “superpowers” to manage the challenges of making friends while wearing a bulky hearing aid that sometimes lets her hear things she shouldn’t. 2015 Newbery Medal Honor Book

Imagine suddenly no longer being able to hear the sounds of anything around you. And then, through the magic of the Phonic Ear (hearing aid), sound reappears, but nothing sounds the same. In her graphic memoir, Cece Bell shares the story of her childhood through El Deafo – a superhero with super hearing powers! She captures both the humorous and difficult parts of growing up with a hearing loss – the challenges of lipreading, the unexpected private conversations heard when the teacher forgets to turn off the microphone outside of the classroom, the complexities of making friends, and so much more – as well as the trials and tribulations that every child goes through.
Deaf or not, every child will find some part of Bell’s experience that they can relate to. This book is a must-read.

Recommended By: Janet Spaulding – Selection Services


Smile Drama Sisters Dumbest Idea Ever
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