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Andrew Luck Book Club – Black Beauty

Andrew Luck Book Club – Black Beauty

Andrew Luck Book Club 150

horse in nineteenth-century England recounts his experiences with both good and bad masters. ~


You can check out Black Beauty with your indyPL library card as a print book, eBook or as an audio file on your phone. Use your library card number and PIN to access the audio file. What’s My PIN?

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No Way! Surprising Things People Eat

No Way! Surprising Things People Eat

Gruesome Grub and Disgusting Dishes

Even if you aren’t a picky eater, most kids don’t want to eat crickets or cactus or stinkbugs…but some people do! These books give you a look at some of the unusual things people eat all over the world. Get suggestions for new foods to try that, like green eggs and ham, might turn out to be delicious! Come on, give fried crickets a try!

No Way Are You My Dinner?

You can also find recipes for delicious food that is just gross LOOKING but tastes GREAT. You can make and decorate food to look like spiders or zombie brains. There are some great ideas for April Fool’s Day or Halloween!

You can find more cookbooks for kids at:


Creepy CuisineDisgusting FoodGross GoodiesHow to Cook ChildrenEven More Revolting RecipesSpidertizersWeird But True Food 2Andrew's Guide to Weird FoodIt's Disgusting and We Ate ItThe Most Disgusting Foods on the PlanetThey Ate What?Mystery MeatSugary SnacksCarbonated BeveragesFake FoodsThe Fear Factor CookbookWeird But True FoodFreaky Foods from Around the World
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Curve Scrapbooks Time Capsules

Curve Scrapbooks Time Capsules



Marvelous memories : paper keepsake creations Fold it. Tear it. Make it. Keep it — Light it up — Hanging notes — Captivating container — Timeline journal — Locket of love — Photo ornament — Party scrapbook — Keepsake box — Four-square photo fram — Timecapsule — Initally quilled — Flowering friends — Expanding idea book. 1445794


Archie’s war : my scrapbook of the First World War, 1914-1918 When Archie is given a scrapbook for his tenth birthday in 1914, he chronicles the next four years of his life using documents, artifacts, and comic strips. 1285300

Best Friends Forever: a World War II Scrapbook jFIC Fourteen-year-old Louise keeps a scrapbook detailing the events in her life after her best friend, a Japanese-American girl, and her family are sent to a relocation camp during World War II. 1246657A Civil War Scrapbook I Was There Too! This multicultural history for young readers emphasizes roles of children, women, slaves, and even animals in the Civil War. Major battles are interspersed chronologically with sections detailing people and their place in the war. 1392247

Time Capsules


History Activities



Documenting an Experience

In the city : our scrapbook of souvenirs A family’s vacation to the city and all the things they see and do there. 1189643

Diaries & Journals

Diaries and keepsakes : style secrets for girls / Stephanie Turnbull A fun magazine-like book for preteen and teen girls on crafty ways to make and keep memories of events. Includes information on decorating, writing in, and hiding a private diary. Also includes idea for using photos to create scrapbooks and other photo keepsakes, such as mugs.  1493227


Lizzy Bennet’s diary : 1811-1812 An illustrated, scrapbook-style diary inspired by Jane Austen’s classic imparts the events of “Pride and Prejudice” from Elizabeth Bennet’s firsthand perspective. 1508606

The Lincolns : a scrapbook look at Abraham and Mary / Candace Fleming Backwoods boy — Bluegrass girl — The happiest stages of life — Tumultuous times — And the war came: Washington, 1861 — This awful burden: Washington, 1862-1863 — With charity for all: Washington, 1863-1864 — Blind from weeping. Though Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln’s backgrounds differed considerably, both were intellectuals who shared interests in literature and politics, as well as a great love for each other. 1167779

Turtle summer : a journal for my daughter A mother’s journal of a summer spent with her daughter on an island among loggerhead turtles. 1110432

A Negro league scrapbook Presents the history of the Negro baseball leagues with facts, photographs, and discussions of the lives of some of its greatest players, such as Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, and James Bell. 995379


The world of William Joyce scrapbook 313697


Carl Makes a Scrapbook 195016
Abraham Lincoln for kids : his life and times with 21 activities 1182073
Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf

Lois Ehlert Book

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