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Ticket to Read — Program Rules

  1. Sign up at the Summer Reading Desk.
  2. Everyone who registers for the Summer Reading Program must receive a POINT CARD at the Library Summer Reading Desk.
  3. Books must be checked out on an Indianapolis Public Library Card or a Beech Grove Public Library Card.
  4. No books will be counted which are returned before MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013. BOOKS RETURNED AFTER SATURDAY, JULY 27, 2013 WILL NOT EARN POINTS.
  6. Books must be returned to the designated check in area between JUNE 3 and JULY 27, 2013.
  7. Books must be read which are at or above the participant's reading level.
  8. A total of no more than 600 points will be awarded to any participant.
  9. Each participant is responsible for his or her Point Card. It must be presented to the librarian each time books are returned to receive reading points.
  10. Any unused reading credit will be lost if a participant's Point Card is lost. A new card will be issued, and the participant may start over.
  11. The decision of the librarian is final to accept any book for reading credit.
  12. You can not accumulate points beyond the total number on the Point Card.

Read Together, Right Now — With Me!

Family Read Aloud Rules & Adult Participation

By acting as mentors and reading aloud to young children, including babies, toddlers and preschoolers, parents help prepare little ones for reading success in school and motivate older participants to become confident, lifelong learners.

  1. ADULTS may personally earn points ONLY for reading aloud to children of any age, or by listening to children read aloud to them.
  2. Children (babies, toddlers & preschoolers) who are unable to read can earn points and prizes by listening to parents, siblings or care givers who read aloud to them.
  3. Older children who read aloud to younger children may earn credit if all participants come in together to return the shared books. They all will receive credit at the book's point value.

Pooling Points with Family and Friends

Team up with family members and friends to increase your power. It's now possible to pool your points with a friend or family member to earn prizes.

  1. Points are transferable from one card to another.
  2. Any number of participants can share points to exchange for prizes.
  3. All Point Cards must be presented together at the time of the transaction.

Group Participation

School age children attending a summer daycare or camp may participate through the day care as individuals, receiving their own Point Card and selecting their own prizes.

Read Books, Earn Points
Turn on, turn in, check out and download a fab selection of books. Earn reading points and keep track of your results on your Point Card. The more books you read, the more points you earn.

jP 5 pts
Magazines 5 pts
jZ 10 pts
jE 15 pts
j Non Fiction 15 pts
j Biography 15 pts
j Fiction 25 pts
Young Adult/Adult 25 pts
Bonus Books 30 pts
E-books pt value of book
Audiobooks pt value of book
Baby Bunny Book Bag 60 pts
Bunny Book Bag 100 pts
Summer Reading Evaluation Form 20 pts

Let us know what you think about the Summer Reading Program! Each ADULT who fills out and returns a Summer Reading Evaluation Form will be awarded 20 points. Forms are available at all library locations. (Total points not to exceed 600.)