\ 2010 Summer Reading Program
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Library Night

The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Foundation invites you to celebrate the grand finale of IMCPL’s 2010 Summer Reading Program.


Cafe Oogles
Calling young chefs - see if you can earn a 5-star rating for your new cafe in this workshop presented by Oogles 'n Googles. Kids 6-13 years old, 45 minutes. Schedule

CLANG! Spice Summer Drum Performance
Michael Beck, Tom Berich, and Joe O'Connell create hot music with homemade and exotic percussion instruments from around the world. Schedule

Cookin' Up Cartoons!
45-minute workshop about drawing cartoons and an introduciton to animation. Presented by Cartoon Express. Ages 6 years & up. Schedule

Kitchen Puppet Workshop
Kids can create and animate a puppet made from objects they might find in a kitchen in this 60 minute workshop presented by Adzooks. Schedule

Kitchen Chemistry
Roll up your sleeves and discover the chemical reactions that you might see in your own kitchen presented by Mad Science of North Central Indiana. Kids 6-12 years old. Schedule


G = All Audiences Admitted
PG = Parental Guidance suggested, some material may not be suitable for children.

poster-astro-boyAstro Boy (PG), animated, 94 minutes When a scientist’s young son dies, he secretly creates a powerful robot child to replace him. Unable to fulfill the grieving man’s expectations, the robot instead uses his incredible powers to become a world famous super-hero and faces his biggest challenge when an alien race threatens Earth. Schedule
poster-charlie-chocolateCharlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG), 115 minutes Director Tim Burton takes us back inside the most famous chocolate factory in the world. Charlie Bucket is a poor little boy who wins every young child’s dream when he gets a chance to tour Willy Wonka’s amazing factory with four other – much naughtier – children. This tour will be like no other and will change Charlie’s life forever. Schedule
poster-cloudy-meatballsCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (PG), animated, 90 minutes Based on the children’s book, this animated adventure follows a scientist who tries to solve world hunger only to see things go awry as food falls from the sky in abundance. This is the most delicious event since macaroni met cheese. Schedule
poster-g-forceG-Force (PG), animated, 88 minutes In this hilarious animated feature, trained secret agent guinea pigs work for a government agency. The team is asked to prevent a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world. Schedule
poster-half-blood-princeHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (PG), 153 minutes In Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts, he finds a Potions book that used to belong to the very mysterious Half-Blood Prince. Harry finds that the Half-Blood Prince’s ancient scribbles written in the margins give him great advice on how to improve on his Potions work, and also teach him a few helpful spells along the way. Harry will have to put these spells to good use in the wake of Lord Voldemort’s return. Schedule
poster-imagine-thatImagine That (PG), 107 minutes Evan is a successful financial executive who has more time for his Blackberry than his seven-year-old daughter. When he has a crisis of confidence and his career starts going down the drain, he finds the solution to all his problems in his daughter’s imaginary world. Schedule
poster-monsters-aliensMonsters vs. Aliens (PG), animated, 94 minutes When a meteorite from outer space hits a young girl and douses her with the alien liquid Quantonium it turns her into a 48 foot monster. She is taken to a secret government compound where she meets a ragtag group of monsters also rounded up over the years. This crew of reluctant heroes is asked to save the earth from the evil alien Gallaxhar in this animated comedy. Schedule
poster-more-than-gameMore than a Game (PG), 102 minutes Five talented young basketball players from Akron, Ohio star in this remarkable true-life coming of age story about friendship and loyalty in the face of great adversity. Led by future NBA superstar LeBron James, the “Fab Five’s” improbable sevenyear journey leads them from a decrepit inner-city gym to the doorstep of a national high school championship. Schedule
poster-planet-51Planet 51 (PG), animated, 91 minutes American astronaut Captain Charles “Chuck” Baker lands on Planet 51 thinking he’s the first person to step foot on it. To his surprise, he finds that this planet is inhabited by little green people who are happily living in a white picket fence world reminiscent of a cheerfully innocent 1950s America, and whose only fear is that it will be overrun by alien invaders— like Chuck! Schedule
poster-princess-frogThe Princess and the Frog (G), animated, 97 minutes Set in New Orleans’ French Quarter, this return to hand-drawn animation is a modern twist on a classic tale. A beautiful girl named Tiana finds a frog prince who desperately wants to be human again and with a fateful kiss, leads them on a hilarious adventure through the mystical bayous of Louisiana. Schedule
poster-ratatouilleRatatouille (PG), animated, 110 minutes In this Pixar animated comedy Remy loves fine French food, which is a problem since he happens to be a rat. He lives in an expensive French restaurant and desires to become a chef despite the disapproval of his father and brother who are happy eating garbage. He has adventures every day with a rat-despising staff that wants him gone in this riotous family film. Schedule
poster-spy-next-doorThe Spy Next Door (PG) 94 minutes Bob Ho is an undercover CIA superspy who decides to give up his career in espionage to settle down with his next-door neighbor and girlfriend, Gillian. But Bob has one more mission to complete before Gillian agrees to marry him: winning over her three opinionated kids. Schedule
poster-upUp (PG), animated, 96 minutes Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and now in his 78th year he launches his house into the sky via thousands of balloons. Right after liftoff he discovers he has a stowaway in the form of an over optimistic 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell. This memorable journey takes you into a lost world with the least likely duo on earth. Schedule