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The Life Stories Project

Individuals are invited to share family stories that can celebrate our commonalities and differences for a stronger, more vibrant community while leaving a legacy of stories for generations to come as part of "The Life Stories Project," presented on November 10 during regular hours at Central Library, 40 E. St. Clair Street. If one cannot be available to record on these dates, alternative dates and locations can be arranged.

The Life Stories Project is a new collaboration among the Indiana Historical Society, Storytelling Arts of Indiana and WFYI. The project records, preserves and shares the true stories of everyday people. Stories of childhood, pets, summer vacations, holidays, work life, war, family traditions, special events, and home are all encouraged to be shared.

Individuals are invited to attend a recording session, which lasts approximately one hour, during which time a volunteer will talk with participants about their story and help guide them through the process. Photos of individuals also will be taken to place on the project website along with their stories. The original recording will be archived in the oral history collection at the Indiana Historical Society.

To help individuals prepare for a recording session, helpful hints and prompts have been developed and are available at The main advice is to imagine sitting around the kitchen table telling friends about a first job or how a spouse was met.

To register for a recording session, visit