Story Time 2.0: Extra Yarn

12065943Today, third graders from Skiles Test visited the Curve and read the story Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett, about a girl named Annabelle who finds a box with colorful yarn that never seems to run out–and one very determined archduke who wants to get his hands on that box. After listening to the story, students recorded a podcast of their favorite parts as well as some different theories about the story’s ending. Listen to their commentary below!

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Todd Academy Historic Hoosier Podcast

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Brazilian Dance

This afternoon, we had a special guest visit the Curve: Miss Camila from Brazil taught us all about the Brazilian Carnaval tradition, and we had our own mini carnival in the library! We decorated masks, and then learned some dance moves for a Brazilian dance called the Samba. Check out some photos from the program below!

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Story Time: Giddy Up, Cowpokes!

Yee-haw! Today’s story time was all about cowboys and cowgirls! We read stories about the wild west and the life of a cowboy/girl, and sang some rootin’-tootin’ songs and rhymes. We also designed our own cowboy/cowgirl boots, and played some cowboy-themed iPad games! Yippee-kai-ay!

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May at the Learning Curve!

Check out what’s happening this month at the Curve!¬†[Click the image to enlarge]


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Bilingual Story Time

portugese042614As part of the Library’s “Celebrate Brazil” series, families were invited for an interactive bilingual story time in Portuguese and English featuring Brazilian crafts and games.

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Story Time: We Love Trees!

We love trees! Today we read books and sang songs celebrating trees and all the good things they give. We colored tree pictures and glued pieces of tissue paper onto the branches for the leaves, apples, and flowers! Use the template below to make your own tissue paper tree!


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Story Time: Bunnies!

With the Easter holiday just around the corner, and spring in full swing, we thought this might be a good time to have a story time all about bunnies! We talked about what rabbits do, where they live, and how they work. We read stories about funny bunnies and quiet bunnies and happy bunnies. We also did some fun rabbit rhymes and songs where we hopped like bunnies, shook our tails, and wiggled our noses. For our take-home craft, we made paper bunnies, decorated them with colorful accessories, and used brads to fasten the arms and legs to make them moveable jumping jack rabbit Easter bunnies ready to deliver some eggs!

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Story Time: Spring Time!

Today’s story time welcomed spring with stories, songs, and seeds to plant, take home, and watch grow!

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Story Time: Rainy Day!


Today’s springtime story time was all about rain! We sang rainy day songs and read stories about clouds and raindrops, animals and umbrellas, and jumping in puddles! For our craft, we made rain cloud mobiles with paper clouds, cotton balls, yarn, and paper raindrops. The next time you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, try this rain game to make the sounds of a rainstorm!

The Rain Game

Can you sound like a rainstorm?

First, rub your hands together (wind)

Next, snap your fingers or tap them on the floor (first raindrops)

Now, clap your hands (more raindrops)

Then pat your lap fast and loud! (raining harder)

Finally, stomp your feet! (thunder)

Now go backwards to make the rain let up!

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