Story Time Theater: Hugo Cabret

Today, Fox Hill Elementary students visited the Learning Curve and read the first chapter of The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, which tells a story using both words and pictures. But what if we didn’t have the pictures? Have you ever listened to an audiobook or had a story read to you, where you used your imagination to picture what’s happening? Before TV, people listened to¬†radio programs for a similar experience. Stories were told with narrating and added sound effects.

Today, we chose a picture sequence from Chapter 2 of Hugo, and made our own Story Time Theater program, using a laptop and snowball microphone to record sound-tastic effects and sentences to describe what’s happening in each picture. Listen to the sound clips below and see if you can picture the story:

For more audio production fun, check out this collection of sound effects used for radio: pond5

Below are some more illustrations from The Invention of Hugo Cabret. What words or sounds would you choose to tell their story?

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