2012: Learn how to code!

Do you know how to code? If not, you should check out this article about a recent start-up project called CodeAcademy.
A quote from the article:

Educators and technologists have long been saying that coding is the new literacy of the digital age. Douglas Rushkoff, who has a new book on the subject, “Program or be Programmed,” said in the book’s trailer, “When human beings acquired language, we didn’t just learn to listen. We learned how to speak. When human beings acquired text, we learned not just how to read but how to write. And now that we have acquired computer, we should learn not just how to use computers but how to program them.”

We’d love to hear about your interest in coding and how the Learning Curve can better serve our coding enthusiasts! If you’d like to give your child a jump-start on basic programming/coding knowledge check out our Brain Games workshops starting in February.

Here’s a testimonial about Code Academy, and why having a basic knowledge of programming/coding is extremely important in the job market now and in the future.

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