Teen Read: What Happened to Goodbye

Here’s a recommendation for a great summer read to add to your SRP stack!

Popular teen author Sarah Dessen’s newest release, What Happened to Goodbye, follows the story of Mclean Sweet, who goes by a different name in each new town she moves to with her dad, a traveling restaurant consultant. His latest job brings them to a town where Mclean is finally able to settle in with real friendships, and she even uses her real name. As she falls into rhythm with brainy and charming Dave, unique and peppy Deb, and loyal cohorts Riley and Heather, Mclean tries to leave behind the sting of the recent ugly scandal that split up her parents. Her mother, now remarried to a famous basketball coach and mother to toddler twins, doesn’t seem to resemble the mom Mclean remembers. Mclean turns her focus to her own new life, while also reminding herself to not get too attached—especially not to Dave, who just may turn out to be the best reason to stay.

Relatable, funny, and dynamic, What Happened to Goodbye is the perfect summer read. For more by Sarah Dessen, check out her website at sarahdessen.com.

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