There exist in our Indianapolis community hundreds of organizations and individuals with a wealth of historical resources that are currently tucked away in file folders and cabinets, unavailable to the community at large. For most of these physical materials, time and deterioration will take their toll. Technology affords communities with the opportunity to widely share and preserve their important histories through the digitization of items such as: photographs, oral histories, videos, meeting minutes, annual and financial reports, newsletters, letters, physical artifacts and other items of historical value.

Many Indianapolis institutions have already begun digitally capturing and sharing unique collections of our city's history. Building on these experiences and contributions, the Indianapolis Public Library, in partnership with the Indiana Historical Society, Indiana State Library, University of Indianapolis, and IUPUI University Library, is spearheading an analysis of the unique historic holdings of the city's organizations.

The information collected will be used to create an inventory of the historic holdings of Indianapolis organizations, and the basis for seeking grant funding that would assist interested organizations in digitizing, describing, and sharing their unique historical assets.

If your organization is interested in contributing to a digital archive or being included in an inventory reflecting Indianapolis' history, people, events, organizations, and places, we ask that you consider sharing some brief information about your organization's historic materials.

Organization Name

Contact Name


Phone Number

Email Address

Have you made arrangements with another organization to store and/or digitize your material?
Ball State University
Butler University
Indiana Historical Society
Indiana State Library
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Indianapolis Public Library
Marian University
University of Indianapolis

When was your organization created?  

Please describe your organization, its purpose, goals, etc.

Think about what your organization has created over the years. What records (historical documents, photos, film or sound recordings) do you have that document the history of your organization and Indianapolis? Please check all that apply, and estimate the quantity. (For example: minutes – 2,000 pages OR oral histories – 15 audiotapes OR newsletters – 300 Word documents OR photographs – 150 prints)


Programs of meetings

Financial reports

Annual reports


Oral Histories



If you are not working with another organization, where are your records stored? How are they stored and organized? What is their physical condition?

Please rate your interest in participating in this project on a scale of 1-10:
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Community Digitization Questionnaire for Printing (PDF)