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Random Information Organization System

Ed Francis, Off Center Glass, LLC

Lower Parking Garage Elevator Lobby
Central Library

Steel Fabrication
Steinert Industries, Kent Ohio

Made possible by a gift from Alice and Robert Schloss in honor of their readers Eli, Laura, and Anthony

The lower level parking garage lobby features a wall of low relief cast glass tiles extending from the elevator surround to the north end of the lobby and beyond the glass partition into the parking garage. The glass wall was fabricated in vertical sections; each section is composed of tiles one foot square by one and a half inches thick. The tiles extend from floor to ceiling, each tile is an individual element in the larger overall pattern of the wall. As you approach the brightly lit expanse of glass, you begin to see that the tiles represent books randomly stacked on shelves. Each tile is unique, some incorporating book spines with titles. Most of the titles on the spines of the books were chosen at random from those in the library’s holdings. The artist chose to include several titles by one of his favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut, a native son of Indianapolis. The rest of the tiles are a combination of pattern and a simple image of an eye. By backlighting the wall along its entire length, the carefully crafted tiles becomeeven more dramatic. The light serves as a welcome addition to an underground parking garage lobby. Light passing through the wall of “books” suggests the illumination one can find through the act of reading.