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The statue, created by German-American sculptor Richard Bock in 1892, has been placed atop the 9th Street entrance of the new six-story addition of the transformed Central Library. Originally, the statue was part of the old Indianapolis Public Library building, which sat on the southwest corner of Ohio and Meridian Streets from 1892 until the building was demolished in 1967.

Upon the demolition of that building, the statue was stored at Crown Hill cemetery, where vandals removed parts of the sculpture, including a bust of Longfellow, a large globe, a quill pen, and a female torso, possibly that of Venus. In 1981, the incomplete sculpture was placed on the west lawn of Central Library at 40 E. St. Clair Street, until it was removed for the current transformation project.

Now the missing parts have been reconstructed and attached, and the statue has been restored.