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Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Photography Exhibit – Call for Submissions


Hit Me With Your Best Shot! photography exhibit provides the Indianapolis community of professional and amateur photographers an opportunity to take and submit photos of the downtown Central Library’s inner and outer architecture for exhibit at Central Library in June-July 2011. The exhibit is designed to help pay tribute to the release of S.L. Berry and Mary Ellen Gadski’s history of IMCPL, STACKS. Photos will be displayed throughout Central library, including in: the Library’s Atrium, the South Display Hall, the upper floors and throughout the Learning Curve.

Conceptual Guidelines
Emphasis for this exhibit is on artistic perspective, beauty and/or architecture. Photos that include people (including wedding photos) or animals are accepted as long as the Library is the featured element of the photo. Photos considered “fine art” are also accepted.

Rules for Photography in the Library
For the purposes of this exhibit, during the period from April 15th – May 30th, photographers may photograph inside the Library during normal open hours without prior approval using handheld, self-contained equipment. Photographers may not interfere with business as usual at the Library and may not photograph patrons without prior approval. Before April 15th and after May 30th, approval for photography in the Library must be granted according to usual procedures prior to photo sessions. Although all photos are expected to be accepted, the Library retains the right to refuse a photo not considered suitable for display. Photographers are responsible for obtaining any necessary rights to display.

Submission Guidelines

For more information contact Raylene Jordan

7 Responses to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Photography Exhibit – Call for Submissions”

  1. Kim Says:

    Just wondering to whom and where would I send a submission? Should I mail a print of a picture I’ve taken, or can I e-mail it as an attachment?

  2. Sarah Says:

    Under ‘submission guidelines’ it states to leave submission at the Information desk in the Atrium at Central Library.

  3. Ash Says:

    its a great post . thanks

  4. Donna Winsted Says:

    Are there any prizes in this contest – other than the honor of having one’s photo on display, of course?!!!!

  5. Raylene Says:

    Thank you for your question, a good one.
    This is an exhibit as opposed to a contest, so no, there will be no prizes. We are excited about the all-inclusive community aspect of this exhibit.

  6. Jeff Kisling Says:

    When will exhibit begin? I’ve stopped by and haven’t seen it, yet.

  7. Raylene Says:

    The Exhibit is hanging in various places throughout Central. Check the 6th floor display cases, display cases in the Simon Reading Room, the South Display Hall (which is the yellow hall on the south-west part of the building) and in the Learning Curve on the south-east windows.
    Thanks for checking!

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