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46 for XLVI A Murals Program for the City of Indianapolis

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The 46 for XLVI program is a partnership between the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the City of Indianapolis. 46 for XLVI was created to elevate the arts and culture of the City in preparation for Super Bowl XLVI. Over the course of the program both local and national artists have created 46 murals around Marion County.


If your commute doesn’t give you a drive-by look at these take them in online at You can look them up by location or artist or see a map to give you a route for a stellar artistic road trip through Indianapolis. The Librarian’s pick (of course!) by Pamela Bliss on the Massala Building at 345 Massachusetts Ave.:



You can take a look at other public murals in Indianaplis in these three volumes by Sylvia Andrews:

Indianapolis murals: outside public art. Vol. I

Indianapolis murals: outside public art. Vol. II

Indianapolis murals: outside public art. Vol. III