2011 Annual Report
The People Speak

Our Patrons Speak

Our patrons serve as the best ambassadors to promote the Library's important role in the lives of individuals.

K.C. Tan "The Library has provided me a path toward self-improvement, both morally and ethically via books. A community without a library is putting a cart before the horse when it comes to the education of our children. The Indianapolis Library goes beyond the call of duty."

K.C. Tan
Alexis Sanford

Alexis Sanford "As a student, the Library has been a great asset to me. Whether it's to use a computer, get wireless Internet access, or look for books that I need for school papers or for my personal reading pleasure, I appreciate the services our Library offers me and my community."

Dave Gibbs "I believe in perpetual education, whether you are a child or adult. I'm an omnibus reader, and I know from living in other major cities that the Indianapolis Library has a considerable collection. The Library is among our city's most important resources."

Dave Gibbs
Pat Ladd

Pat Ladd "My Library is a place where I can indulge in my love of reading and studying, especially philosophy, psychology and history. It's where our book club discussion meets each month and is our preferred location for neighborhood meetings."

Bob Logsdon "Without the Library we couldn't afford to purchase materials we are able to borrow from it. And we simply couldn't find the level of information we are able to find via the Library's resources. Without a doubt my favorite service is the Interlibrary Loan Department."

Bob Logsdon
Elijah Reid, Jr.

Elijah Reid, Jr. "The Library is like a second home to me. It keeps me abreast of many activities and functions throughout the city. The staff treat me as though I'm their only client each time I'm here, which is at least three times a week."

Dr. Lora Vann "What an invaluable resource for computer usage, email, the Internet, etc., especially for those seeking employment information. Kudos for the many programs that target families and community and for paying attention to neighborhood interests."

Dr. Lora Vann
Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown "The Library has opened doors to me for many years. I've always loved having the many books to choose, but now I'm taking advantage of CDs and the ability to download books to an eReader. Now I'm hooked on downloading Library books for long-term reading."

Charlie & Tiffany McIntosh "We have some curious preschoolers and the Library is our main source of information to answer their questions and explore the world. We come for the Library's many preschool programs, to find books and play children's games on the computer."

Charlie & Tiffany McIntosh
Bethany Warner

Bethany Warner "The Library is so vital. It is a place of equality across the community since anyone has access. Getting a Library card was one of the first things I did after moving here. With as much as I read, I would go into debt to buy all the books."

Will Fryrear "I feel lucky to have the Library both at my school and in my neighborhood. The librarians know me and make great recommendations. I have enjoyed many of the art programs and summer reading. The Library is social media with no batteries required!""

Will Fryrear

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